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decking floor roll forming machine

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

The Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine is a type of machinery that is specifically designed to produce floor decking panels or sheets. This machine is highly efficient and can produce high-quality deck sheets in a short amount of time.

The Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine is made up of several components, including a decoiler, a feeding unit, a roll forming unit, a hydraulic cutting unit, a control system, and a product output table. These components work together to ensure that the machine operates smoothly and produces high-quality products.

The decoiler is used to hold and feed the raw material into the machine. The feeding unit is responsible for feeding the raw material into the roll forming unit. The roll forming unit is where the raw material is formed into the desired shape. The hydraulic cutting unit is used to cut the formed material into the required length. The control system is responsible for controlling the entire operation of the machine.