Door Frame Forming Machine

1.Factory To Your Door
2.MOQ:Only 1 Piece
3.OEM*ODM Service
4.Suitable For Roofing, Siding,Wall Cladding


Door Frame Forming Machine

A door frame forming machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the manufacturing of door frames. This machine is designed to take flat sheets of metal and shape them into the desired form for a door frame. The machine consists of a series of rollers and pressers that work together to shape the metal sheets.

The door frame forming machine is typically used in a factory setting, where it is used to produce large quantities of door frames. The machine is operated by skilled workers who are trained in the use of the equipment. The machine is designed to be safe and easy to use, with built-in safety features to prevent accidents.

Processing Material



Input Width

as customer needing


Formed Width

as customer needing


Processing Thickness



Material of Rollers

45# steel,with hard chrome coated


Diameter of Shaft



Production Speed



Roller Driven

Decelerating Motor+Chain Transmission


Cutting Model

Hydraulic Profile Cutting


Length Measurement



Control Style



Operation Model

Button + Touch Screen


Total Power




380V 50HZ or at buyer’s request