Door frame machine

08, Dec 2022 224 views

There are also two kinds of machines, one can make one type, and the other can make two types.Or it can be customized according to the size.

One set includes uncoiler, forming machine, and accessories such as receiving table, hydraulic cutting machine and computer controller can be added as required.
Function introduction of each component

   Uncoiler: open raw materials
   Receiving platform: leveling materials to ensure smooth entry of raw materials
   Computer controller: manual and automatic, PLC screen, with the length of 000
   Forming machine: To maintain the shape and accuracy of the product, the raw materials are rolled and formed
by welding plate structure, motor reducer drive, chain drive, roller surface polishing, hard electroplating, heat
treatment and zinc plating.

   Hydraulic cutting machine: Inject oil to make the liquid pump operate, drive the cutting machine to cut the desired length,
and make the cut smooth

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