Operation of colored steel equipment for tile press

06, Feb 2020 1208 views

Tile press color steel equipment operation of eight tips:

1. The Color Steel Roof Tile Forming Machine before turning over the press tile machine to see whether the equipment is outstanding, before work to cut off power.

2. It is in use of time, can not put the shovel and other debris into its inside.

3. According to the notice of cooperation, write the stirring record.

4. Tile machine operation once people need to enter into its inspection, must turn off the power supply, there are special care.

5. The control of the people to pay attention to control the stability of the environment. Say, for example, hopper and outlet location.

6. Make sure the stirring time is greater than 120 seconds.

7. Not the operation of the people can not arbitrarily operate.

8. According to the water content of yellow sand, adjust the water added to each Color Steel Roof Tile Panel Forming Machineto make it moist and suitable.

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