Corrugated panel roll forming machine

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Corrugated panel roll forming machine

Corrugated panel roll forming machines are specialized machines used in the manufacturing process of corrugated panels. These machines are designed to produce consistent, high-quality corrugated panels that are used in a variety of applications, including roofing, siding, and wall cladding.

The process of creating corrugated panels involves feeding a flat sheet of metal through a series of rollers that create a corrugated pattern in the metal. The corrugated panels are then cut to the desired length and width. The corrugated panel roll forming machine is the heart of this process, as it is responsible for shaping the metal into the desired corrugated pattern.



Processing Material


Material of Rollers

45# steel,with heat treatment

Diameter of Shaft


Roller Driven

Decelerating Motor+Chain Transmission

Cutting Model

Hydraulic Profile Cutting

Length Measurement


control method

PLC control system(imported Brand)

Total Power



380V 50HZ or at buyer’s request