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Metal Glazed Tile Exquisite Roof Step Tile Manufacturing Machinery Price

Glazed Tile are widely used in building: the steel-structured large scale warehouses, plants, supermarkets, shopping malls, trade markets, stadiums, holiday villages, sanatoriums, hotels, villas, residences, and different kinds of greenhouses. What’s more, equipment can be designed and manufactured as customers’ requests.

Processing flow chart

Manual Decoiler—Entry Beach—Roll Forming Machine—Automatic Shearing Mechanism—Computer Control Cabinet—Run-out Tables

Processing Material
Input Width(mm)
Formed Width(mm)
Processing Thickness(mm)
Material of Rollers
45# steel,with heat treatment
Diameter of Shaft
Production Speed
Roller Driven
Decelerating Motor+Chain Transmission
Cutting Model
Hydraulic Profile Cutting
Length Measurement
control method
PLC control system(imported Brand)
Operation Model
Button + Touch Screen
Total Power
380V 50HZ or at buyer’s request

Advantages of Xinbo Metal Glazed Tile Machine:
1: The glazed tiles produced are durable, beautiful in appearance, waterproof and corrosion-resistant.
2: The production operation is simple, the whole process of automatic production is controlled by the PLC computer system, which greatly reduces the labor cost and can realize rapid realization.
3: The selected roller assembly is steel plated with hard chrome, which is durable and helpful for long-term use and maintenance.
4: The PLC computer control system is all precision electronic components, which can ensure the precise operation of the machine.
5: Xinbo has more than 10 years of experience in the field of metal forming machines, ensuring that customers can buy the highest quality product machines with the least money. In addition, customized services can also be provided according to the required drawings.

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