decorative panel machine

1.Factory To Your Door
2.MOQ:Only 1 Piece
3.OEM*ODM Service
4.Suitable For Roofing, Siding,Wall Cladding

Decorative panel roll forming machine

The machine is producing all kinds of adcertising panel and steel plate for more beautiful and long using life. this advertising panel machine makes different width and length advertising panel as customer need. 

It has different width coil material machine. This production line is automatically line.

Power consumption 7.5KW. 380V 3 phase , 50Hz or as customer need
Transmissioninformation Electric
Rolling materials grade rollers
Actual length of themachine 2000x900x1800mm
Type of hydraulicoil 40#

PLC operationmanual

Production speed (in range) 0-8 pieces/min